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From an early age, Dan Sartori was immersed in construction and stone masonry. 

Dan began his construction career as a boy working on weekends and during the summer months, sweeping floors and cleaning sites. Eventually, he moved on to work as a stonemason’s labourer, then as a stonemason himself. 

Though it was sometimes difficult and laborious work, Dan has fond memories of that era. Even then, he always knew he would create something extraordinary within the homebuilding industry. 

I enjoy the relationships that I form with my clients during the process of custom homebuilding. This is an experience for which people work hard for much of their lives and I appreciate their trust in me to make their dream home a reality.

Dan sartori

Born and raised in Calgary, Dan went on to shape Sartori Custom Homes into a highly skilled and reputable team known for their level of craftsmanship and attention to detail. During this time, Dan refined his process of meeting clients’ needs every step of the way.

Today, the ‘Sartori Experience’ is the superior level of service that our clients have come to know and appreciate.

We give our clients confidence in knowing that Dan - the president of the company, will work with them from preliminary budget to invoicing, keeping all aspects of cost and specifications available, through to excavation and final occupancy. Dan will not only be your home builder, but a partner, trusted advisor and support through your project, start to finish.

Because we believe in transparency and collaboration from the start, we encourage and appreciate on site client visits and interaction with our tradesmen. For those busy clients who frequently travel, photo and video status updates will be regularly communicated to keep the client engaged and informed.

By expanding Sartori Custom Homes to Vancouver Island in 2016, Dan has brought his high level of homebuilding standards, characteristic level of engagement and well-developed building process to the West Coast. 
The evolution of the process continues, by keeping in step with the latest technology and advancements of the construction industry. 

We pride ourselves in consistently providing a positive experience in which the clients enjoy the process from start to finish.

Dan sartori

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